Yakitori Culinary Feature

Dubbed the fast-food of Japan, yakitori has grown in popularity over the years and is now a favourite for lovers of food and the culinary arts.

Perfect for a quick bite, Yakitori holes-in- the-wall are popular local restaurants and the ideal place to meet friends and catch up on your day.

Made with parts of the whole chicken, yakitori is typically seasoned in a salty sweet marinade, or a simple salt, before being skewered on bamboo to preserve the flavours, as yakitori master chefs believe that other materials may alter the taste and texture of the meat.

Yakitori is best-cooked using Binchotan charcoal – a premium Japanese white oak charcoal sourced from Japan that provides intense, long-burning heat, without smoke.Once the chicken is placed on the custom-made grill that converges heat, a fan is used to give gusts of oxygen-rich air that encourages the charcoal to smoke the meat to elicit an amazing, mouth-watering flavour.

Watching yakitori master chefs prepare this dish is akin to watching art in progress. They are methodical, rhythmic and precise. A skill passed on through the generations – particularly in Japan’s Kyoto prefect, which is revered for the best yakitori in the world.

While mostly served as a dinner meal, yakitori can be enjoyed any time of the day. Characteristically tasty, convenient and affordable, yakitori is a quick and healthy go-to meal for a lunchtime bite, afternoon snack or evening feast. You’ll often find it accompanied with raw quail egg yolk to enhance the flavour of the chicken, and grated radish to reduce the temperature, as it is served directly from the grill.

One bite and you’ll immediately understand why yakitori is so rapidly growing in popularity.


Atisuto, resembling the best of Japan’s hole-in- the-wall eateries, combines authentic Japanese food with western flavors to create a fun fusion that awakens your senses. A popular place to meet friends for a quick bite, or take time away from the complexity of your day, Atisuto is the perfect escape – any time of the day, any day of the week.

Meaning ‘artist’ in Japanese, Atisuto’s menu is designed by the restaurants Japanese master chefs and features indulgent dishes, cooked to perfection using the finest ingredients, some of which are sourced directly from Japan.

Affordably priced, Atisuto is now serving yakitori in its new restaurant, located in the Al Ghurair Centre in Dubai. Using binchotan charcoal, a premium Japanese white oak charcoal sourced directly from Japan, the yakitori meat exudes mouth-watering flavours.

Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, from 10am until 11pm on weekdays and 10am until 12 midnight on weekends, Atisuto brings the best of Japanese cuisine to Dubai. For more information, visit www.atisuto.ae or follow Atisuto on Facebook AtisutoUAE, Instagram and Twitter: @atisutouae.