Japanese Iftar

During Ramadan, which begins in May, Suhoor and Iftar are the two meals served – Suhoor being before dawn, and Iftar being after sunset.

Whilst Ramadan is a time of reflection and observance, the breaking of the fast is exciting and full of food, fun and friendship – with families and friends coming together to share in the occasion.

And at Atisuto, this is no exception.

Sitting down to share a meal with others is relished during the Holy Month, and Atisuto’s colorful menu, created by Chef Aijiro, features perfect meals to share.

In fact, sharing food is synonymous with Arab culture, which is a shared cultural culinary characteristic amongst the Japanese.

“During Ramadan, fasting guests enjoy eating flavorsome food that is light and healthy. After a day of abstaining, thirst-quenching drinks, followed by a delicious meal, that perfectly balances the food groups, is exactly what your body needs for nutrition and nourishment,” said Chef Aijiro, Brand Chef at Atisuto.

If you’re looking for a different dining experience during Ramadan, Atisuto is offering two different five-course menus for guests, available from four Atisuto restaurants across Dubai.

Break the fast with the tradition of dates, followed by a classic Japanese miso soup. After that, guests can enjoy a selection of starters comprising some of Atiusto’s favourite signature dishes, as well as a sushi platter for the table to share.

Then comes a choice of main course for either AED95 per person, or AED349 for up to 5 people, before the meal ends with the classic half milk cake Japanese dessert.

During Ramadan we will bring Atisuto to you from 11am until 2am, daily! Ordering is simple with our online menu, or call us on 800 ATISUTO (284 7886). Customers can pay cash or credit card on delivery.

 For more information, visit www.atisuto.ae.